Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday July 21

Doorbell rang, woke me up.  Another book for review arrived by FedX
I'm already 2 weeks behind and have 3 other books sitting here.  

I haven't been to anyone's blog in about three weeks to visit, and I need to.

I wrote a short story on my Domestic and Damned blog, for Mr. S.  a piece of it was used on the show by one of the other wrestlers.   I was so excited I can not tell you.  It's not just Mr. S. anymore who likes my work.

As I checked my emails this morning,  there was a request from another writer asking to freelance on my vampire themed blog.   I checked out their stuff but I said no,  I am not looking to share any of my blogs with anyone again.  Just wondering how my blog got listed for a freelancer anyway?

And to cap off everything.    Men.
I was asked out on the weekend by a new guy. Another single dad.  I said yes to coffee, but he canceled last minute Saturday night.  I'm not really surprised or upset for that matter.  He just was not my style. 
Darius.  Darius whom I have not spoken to in a month because of his tantrum over Mr. S.  he emailed me Thursday night out of the blue acting as if nothing was different.  That seems to be his pattern.  I did not reply to him.  He emailed me again on Sunday.  I did not reply to him.  Then last night he emailed me saying he was talking to my mother. 

What the hell?  My mother?  Because I would not return an email. So I replied telling him off.  Within a few minutes he sent another email begging me not to shut him out. 
I was on chatting with Mel when all this happened, and Mel could not believe it either. 
And this is a guy I was only friends with.  If he acts like this with me, then no wonder his girlfriend dumped him. 

Coffee is ready going to have a very large cup and try to wake up. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Johnny Depp needs to break away from Tim Burton

I saw Alice in Wonderland the other night, and um yeah what was he thinking?

This is like the 3rd film in a row that Depp and Burton have done that have been crap just crap.   (Willy Wanka and Sweeney Todd being the other two. Actually make it 4 total as Corpse Bride sucked too.  Maybe it's not Tim Burton he needs to run from but Burton's wife  Helena Bonham Carter? )

I had been really looking forward to this as I am a major Depp fan, then again who isn't right,  right,  but this just sucked goat backwards it really did. 

I've read two different versions of the story,  the "kid's"  version and the real one.   And if you have not read the real version then you are needing to, cause it's not really for kids.  

I've seen a few other film companies do their versions of AIW in the last year and a half trying to beat this one, and they were much better.  This was just such a let down. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday July 8th 2010

 My sister's boyfriend had his surgery for the gullstones.  He was feeling really good Tuesday night afterwards,   but is paying for it now.  As of last night, he could not move the pain is too much.  Not sure if my sister the Goddess has gone to work today or not, and to top it all off, they have the kids this weekend.  My sister has taken her role as step-mom with courage. 

We've hit a heatwave.  Nearly +40 degrees Celsius here for the last week.  I'm not good with heat at all.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nerd by Numbers continued

I replied to the Cliched Nerd's email and it was a big mistake.

"So are there any dungeons around here?"   This is what the Cliched Nerd from the dating site asked me.   I told him I wasn't into that he was asking the wrong girl.  Cliched Nerd did not believe me, and thought I was being "cute"  and went into a launch about how all goth girls are into  bondage and S/M.

" Um  what makes you think that?  And where on earth did you get the idea I am a goth girl? "

"You like vampires.  All goths are into the extreme."  he replied.

I did not reply back.   Yes I like vampires,  no I do not like goth or extreme sex.  It's not my style at all.  And I find it so damned typical of guys lately.   Just because I like vampire movies does not make me a goth or anything else for that matter. 

Another unsuitable suitor bites the dust.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nerd by Numbers

Everyone has a totally geeky side to them.  Things I find rocking will be of laughter to someone else.
I got asked out by a guy who looks like he jumped right out of a bad ad copy for Geeky Frat Boys or something.

Normally, I love nerdy men.  But this guy is too much of a cliche.  
Mel thinks I should go out with this guy anyways, even though I'm not interested.   Part I think because I talked him into dating a girl who had a thing for him that he was iffy on.  Part I think to get my mind off of Mr. S.

I haven't been on a date in a year so I might... just for a reason to get out of the house.   But that would make me a hypocrite if I dated someone I didn't like just for something to do while I waited around for Mr. Right. 

Wouldn't it?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where did the week go .... Again?

I spent the day shopping with mom, which is torture for me.  I hate shopping with other people and shopping with mom is like the slowest form of death there is for the soul.

My sister the Goddess's boyfriend has to go in for surgery after the long weekend; which starts today here in Canada as it's Canada Day (July 1st) He's been having horrible gallstone attacks for the last two months.  The doctor has put him on Morphine and it's done nothing to help the pain.  He's been in the emergency twice this week alone.  Gotten so bad HIS mother has come to stay with them, and she lives in another province.  What a way for my sister to meet his mother Eh?

Darius... no longer a friend of mine.  After not hearing from him last week, which I did not think anything of at all as he goes hours between texting; I saw that he removed himself from my friends list on Facebook.   No one is really crushed over it either I must say.  If he's going to react that way then who the hell needs him.  Sometime in the last 6 months Darius let his true self come through, and it just was not a nice one.  He himself would sit there telling me he needed to stop drinking.  When I would say then "Do not go to the bar. Do not buy that case of beer."  he would tell me to save my breath. 
Okay, consider my breath saved.  He even said to me the night of the wrestling that I was not "Good enough  for Mr. S."   big turn around considering he was the one just last summer cheering on Mr. S. like he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Mr. S.   What can I say about him other then "ooppps he did it again"  Two days after I posted on this blog last week, Mr. S. posted on his blog for the week, and he once again pulled something right out of my blog.    Damn it feels good.   I had talked about how Mr. S. had sparked something for my novel, breaking me out of a long writer's block, talking about the scene I wrote and having to do with cereal.  Mr. S.  ran with that for the whole post.  Just yammered on about cereal.
I've made a few posts this week that are directed to Mr. S.  So we'll see if he replies in his post tomorrow.

Otherwise,  it's been a slow week with me trying to catch up with the book reviews.  I got another stack of books from a new publishing company last week, and another company (I think that makes 6 now?)  just asked me yesterday if I would start reviewing a new series of theirs that is being released next month.    That's 7 books I have to review before the end of Aug.