Monday, July 12, 2010

Johnny Depp needs to break away from Tim Burton

I saw Alice in Wonderland the other night, and um yeah what was he thinking?

This is like the 3rd film in a row that Depp and Burton have done that have been crap just crap.   (Willy Wanka and Sweeney Todd being the other two. Actually make it 4 total as Corpse Bride sucked too.  Maybe it's not Tim Burton he needs to run from but Burton's wife  Helena Bonham Carter? )

I had been really looking forward to this as I am a major Depp fan, then again who isn't right,  right,  but this just sucked goat backwards it really did. 

I've read two different versions of the story,  the "kid's"  version and the real one.   And if you have not read the real version then you are needing to, cause it's not really for kids.  

I've seen a few other film companies do their versions of AIW in the last year and a half trying to beat this one, and they were much better.  This was just such a let down. 


  1. I wasn't aware there was an adult version of the story. I'll have to check that out. Sorry you didn't like the movie. I haven't seen it, but I've heard a few people say they enjoyed it.

  2. Yes the original book is much much darker.
    I haven't liked the last few Tim Burton movies, I was really hoping this one would be better.

    I haven't forgotten about you, I know I need to visit your blog you're at the top of my to visit list.