Friday, January 22, 2010

4 coffees later

The Goddess, my sister, has been having an affair for the last year and a half with a married man.
I do not approve. It's put our relationship to almost nothing. She's younger then I am by 8 years. She's also the one in the family who landed the movie star looks.
I look like a sheep dog.

O.I. can show up two ways, broken parts or internal issues. I got the broken parts, she got the ulcers, reproductive issues etc.
The Goddess is a perfectionist that can not handle stress of any kind. So why is she having an affair with a married man? Don't know. Totally beats me.

She just spent the last month hiding from the world on our mother's sofa. Why you ask, she semi-broke up with the Married Man. I think it's more then fishy he broke up with her at Christmas time then got back with her just after the New Year. But that's just me.

My longest relationship was a year. It ended badly. Very badly. He was a cheating liar. I bumped into the guy a full year afterwards and he started to act all lovey-dovey but I yelled at him in a public place.
Yeah, smooth I know. I'm very emotional at times. I have a temper. I have been in and out of "anger management" more then once in the last decade. I'll get more into everything later.

The Nurse and I have been friends for 31 years. She's happily un-married to the same man for the last 16 of those years. He's a sweetheart. They have 3 kids together. I see her twice a year now and we live in the same city. It's weird cause we grew up across the street from each other and used to hang out all the time. I think I hate growing up.

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