Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrating the Changing of the Underpants!

I posted this last night on the Domestic and Damned blog, but I thought it was just too much that I am reposting it on this one for anyone who doesn't follow me on there.

I got an email on the weekend from The Nurse saying that she finally had a week off work. She has not had a week off since Christmas. So, I phoned her this afternoon but she was out. I left a message with her husband.
That was at 1pm
It's now 7:30pm and I never heard back from her. Okay, I called her again. The chat went like this.

Me: What I get you from?

Nurse: Yay! You going to put those on.... not much trying to get your Nephew to put his underwear on. Potty training is so much fun.

Me: Lovely. this is why I don't have kids. I called earlier.

Nurse: When? There wasn't any message on the machine.

Me: Around 1:00. You're husband answered.

Nurse: After 15 years you should know by now not to leave messages with the Man as he never remembers to tell me. Leave a message on the machine.

Me: But he answered. What was I suppose to do, tell him to hang up so I could phone back and leave a message on the machine?

Nurse: Yeah actually you should have, that way I would have gotten the message... No! Don't touch...... (click)

I phoned back.

Nurse: Sorry. Nephew started to slap at the phone. He's dancing around in circles celebrating.

Me: Celebrating what?

Nurse: The changing of the underpants. He's graduated from diapers to those Pull-Ups. (little voice squealing that he's a big boy and that only babies wear diapers) I'll have to call you back.

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  1. LOL. That sitation is midway between super cute and nauseatingly sweet. Congrats little dude on your underpants change.