Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did He Just Admit That?

I knew something was not right for the last 24 hours. Something I was sure had to do with Mr. S.
The blog post for this week was up about an hour ago.

Now, for anyone who's been following this, you know I have been teasing for a year about Mr. S's weight. As I believe he's too skinny.
I've blogged about this on my old blog and on the Domestic and Damned blog as well.

Last summer when I started that gimmick, Mr. S. cut a promo where he teased back about all the food he eats.

Well, today's post, Mr S. admits he's got an issue with weight. As in he will starve himself and is anorexic.... I'm just in a daze right now as I type this.

Mel thinks it was a very weird post, and that all my teasing on the blogs have caused him to admit he's got an issue with food and in general his self esteem. This is not good. This is horrible.
I know in the post he started off talking about fans asking him about working out, but he went on a rant about food not about working out.
I'm sitting here now almost in tears as I think about the whole thing. I've admitted myself that over the years I battled with Bulimia myself, and know how much damage that can do to a person.

Wither this post of Mr. S's today was any kind of anything in reply to me or not I have no honest idea, but it's left me feeling like the pit of my stomach has dropped out.

Younger fans reading his blog are going to get the wrong idea. People who look up to him who have issues might take that post to be advice or something and copy him.
This is just not good. I'm freaking out. I'm freaking out over something honest that a man I've never even met just admitted in a blog post.

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog so I don't know any of the back story you mentioned.

    I doubt it was just you. I imagine he's been dealing with these deamons for a LONG time and really, the best thing for him TO do is let it out. The first step to getting help is to admit you have a problem.

    I hope Mr. S realizes that he needs to work out his issues and get some help if he is anorexic. And I hope his fans can see the dangers of too much dieting and obsessive working out.

    Visiting From SITS