Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pine Nuts

So I was playing around with homemade sauces last night. Trying to make homemade Chow Mein.  

I used minced garlic, olive oil, brown sugar and pine nuts as my sauce. 
Not bad.  Was still missing something. Not sure what.

And things were not too horrible, thinking I was finally ready to move on from something, and poof on my main blog I found a comment from the boyfriend of my former Blog Partner.   Out of nowhere.   I thought they had finally left me alone that they had removed themselves totally from me, but no. I'm still slightly pissed off about it. 
I've been ignoring them mostly for the last little while, thinking if I don't reply to his comments he'll go away.  No such luck.  
I ended up just saying if he hates my point of view, don't read me. 


  1. Hope you figure out your recipe. Sounds good so far. Is there a way to block people on blogger?

  2. It's still missing something. I know my friend The Nurse puts anchovy paste in it, but being that I'm vegetarian that's not an option.