Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aug 5th 2010

I was trying to keep it separate.

I thought, things have gotten too much, the wrong people have been reading me and I can no longer be honest.

So I created this blog.  Anonymous.  

Well, it was at first.  Then I got comfortable and opened up more then I had planned.  Soon, things got blended again.

Like my Facebook and Twitter.  I had the old accounts and when I created this blog, I created new ones for my blog buddies.  
People started to wonder what happened to me. Why I stopped using them.   Some I had to tell about the new accounts, some I have not.  
I've heard so many people, mostly women,  say on the blogging communities that they regret having given out blog/facebook/myspace/twitter urls to certain people.  I know how they feel.  I thought I had dealt with everything I needed to deal with  but sadly it seems today I have not.

I no longer know what I am doing.   I no longer know where my head is at or my heart for that matter.

Confusion, Chaos and Cookies (I needed another "C" word) seems to be the order of the day.


  1. Cookies (or some other form of comfort food) generally goes with confusion and chaos. I kept my blog anonymous for a year. Then my best friend joined blogger so I told her that I was blogging and let her know the address. And now another friend blogs and I comments over there through my blog. It's got me "exposed" now. Kinda weird. I enjoyed the anonymity very much.

  2. I know this blog was meant to be a year. Just one year but I've found myself 8 months into it and am feeling like fleeing.

    Just letting it end here and starting yet another Anonymous blog.