Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a week

I was a Blogger of Note yesterday on my main blog for the Words of Wisdom writing group.  Very cool.
I've started adding more poems and short stories to that blog, just trying to keep it up beat.

The planet Mercury is in retrograde right now until the 12th of Sept. That means, communication and electronic break downs all over the board.

My mom goes in next month for eye surgery, so I know that will be taking up a big chunk of time.  I go for CTscans on my back the week after. 

And my dad.  For anyone who missed it the other day on my main blog,  he cut his fingers off.  Was drunk working with a table saw and sliced all four fingers on one hand nearly off and had to be in surgery for 6 hours.  

Yes my family is a mess.  Off to do the dishes.

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