Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its not worth it

I decided to finally stop the wrestling blog.  For now anyway. 
If you have been reading this since the beginning, then you know that I was putting close to 20 hours a week into the blog and stressing to the point of being sick. 
I have no idea what happened in the last few days, but I lost favour with the main company I was writing for.  And remember I was doing this out of love as a fan.  Not even getting paid for it. 
I had been doing this now for the last few years, and had finally ironically, gotten noticed by my favourite company TNA,  and the big competition WWE.  The official review magazines and blogs had at one point even changed their style to match mine -no puns intended- and I thought I was coasting sweet.

I guess I pissed the wrong person off cause, the one person who seemed to be loving my shit, trashed me.
So I'm done for now.  Now what am I going to do with my life?


  1. Ummm . . . you're gonna keep on living it because he doesn't run your life what wherever he is. I got your email. Still need to respond. Got caught up in stuff yesterday and today. Finally got on blogger this evening. And my AC has kicked the bucket . . . *sigh*, but I'll be home tomorrow waiting on the AC dude so I'll hit you back on email.

  2. True he does not, but still feels like crap