Saturday, March 6, 2010

He blogged

Okay so I got the chills and shakes just as my email lit up. Which always happens when Mr. S. is online. Don't ask how I know he's online as he logs in under invisible mode, I just know. I creep myself out sometimes.

Anyway, I hit the link and read his blog. He started an advice column. Odd. I have an advice column on my main blog. He's formatted it the same way too, not as strange as there are only a few ways to do an advice column.
I was shaking still as I read. Another email came in. It was Social Disorder Girl.

"Did you see Mr. S. blogged. He never blogs. When did he blog?" SDG went on. I replied that I just finished reading it, and since the shaking had not let up, I figured he must still be online, so I did a little quick blog of my own - this is all on Myspace by the by. I waited a few minutes and when the shaking stopped, I logged out.

I then pointed out to SDG that Mr. S. had quoted something. A quote that was surprisingly in tune to something I blogged about last night on my main blog.

I honestly now do not know what to think. Should I consider the idea that he was giving a half reply to something I wrote/said? Or just put it down to timing?


  1. Coming at ya from SITS...

    Some advice... always trust your first impression, it's nearly always right.

  2. also stopping from SITS - and ITA with the pp, first impressions and gut instincts are what you need to go with.

  3. Thanks.

    I know, I have been mostly. I just can't seem to get the people around me to trust my instincts. They all keep saying I'm dreaming.