Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh my god you did not !

The other day I told you that Mr. S. blogged. This was the hot topic of that evening.
It led to SDG and Mel telling me to message him.
My mistake was blogging about the conversation on my main blog. The replies I got were all the same, do it!

So I did.

Then I made the mistake of telling Darius. He thinks I crossed the line this time.
That was Sunday afternoon, it is now Wednesday morning.

This was the week the show made a big schedule jump to Monday nights. I have not seen it yet as I have to wait for the replay. Everyone else watched it and the reactions are like this.

Blog Partner "I can't wait for your review this week."

Darius "Um Yeah, I liked the show this week...You need to...well I await your review cause...well."

Mel "Um I am not saying anything."

SDG "My lips are sealed. You don't like spoilers. But I can't wait for your review, should be interesting."

Great. Now I am wondering if it's something I should be worried about or not.


  1. I am sort of confused. I guess I should go read an older post so I can understand better.

  2. I would people are reading more than just one odd post LOL

  3. Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest . . . I'm confused too, but hopefully you're not! LOL.

  4. The show in question is TNA Impact.
    I do wrestling reviews on another blog.