Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are doing it wrong

I left a comment yesterday on SITS, with my morning roll call, asking the question "is it okay to point out to an official site they screwed up?"

Seems it is.

Why did I leave such randomness in my morning comments?
I have no idea, other then it was on my mind at the time.

For those of you who semi-follow this blog, you know that I do a wrestling blog. One that has gotten some attention from the industry. There are two big official "spoiler sheets" one for each of the main wrestling companies.
Yesterday, the one who works for TNA screwed up. They screwed up on their weekly review coverage of this week's show.

I let them know.
I know when you have more then one blogger working on your staff things can get hairy. It happens, and if you blog with partners or have co-blogged a few times you know it can.

Instead of doing an edit with a little "oooppps" or even just an extra post, they took down the entire review and got someone else to redo it.
I know this, because I subscribe to their email feeds.

And you are thinking why did I bother to do that? Well, it is an official site for starters, and that will just reflect bad on them and the wrestling company they are connected to. Not too mention so many fans go to that site for the updates if they missed an episode. And since we've once again entered into what is called the "Monday Night Wars" (both WWE and TNA are on the same nights at the same time now.) many fans are choosing to watch one show and just get the review for the other. In an odd way, it's the best thing that ever happened to us wrestling bloggers. We're the one's benefiting from this more then the wrestling companies themselves.

Complicated and crazy isn't it?

Why did I point out the screw up to what is technically my competition? Cause they are an official site. They get paid to do the reviews. I'm running just a fan based site which is not official.

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