Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A dumping of bad energy

Everything has been on an upswing the last few weeks.

That was until about 3 hours ago.   I got an email from Mel and suddenly
  • I found out one of my email accounts was empty.  3 years of notes from my spiritual studies gone, back ups of my novels gone, poetry gone, photos I had cleaned out of my computer gone,  old conversations from past boyfrinds gone.   Even the folder for everything was gone and my contact list.   Only thing there was a "welcome to your email here is the start up"  email from them
  • I have not had any headaches or sinus issues for the last 3 and a half weeks since getting a reiki session done.  I feel like my face is going to explode now. Like my jaw and left eye are pulsating.
  • My plans for the weekend which were to see Eat Pray Love  have been rescheduled because of the main person going out of town.
It's as if the energy in his email set off a whirlwind of chaos.


  1. That is awful about your email account! I don't know what else to say.

  2. Sitting here now I suppose it's not as tragic as I was thinking last night, as I have the "originals" still sitting in my main emails in the SENT folder.
    Well, most of them.

    It's just like a rush of bad energy happened ten minutes after I opened my buddy's email to me.

    I had done a review for last night too, and they changed the title of the book. I was just in panic mode cause as cool as the fact they put it on the front page, they did change the title of the book and misspelled the author's name. I had to send them an email asking them to change it back to what I had originally written. I suppose they thought it was a spelling mistake or something but the author is a French Canadian and that's how it was spelled on the book cover.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you had most of the originals somewhere. Go see the movie anyway. Why do you have to wait? I hope your sinus issues subside. I've been blessed for the last two years I haven't had any allergery issues (and mine where BAD before).