Friday, May 14, 2010

Author Catherine McKenzie Would Like

Ladies of SITS, of BlogFrog, and whom ever googles this.
Catherine McKenzie author of Spin, is in the process of doing an experiment. She is trying to see if we the general reading public can in fact make a book a bestseller just by blogging about it.
I love this idea! here is the link to the Goodreads group. I hope the link works as it is a group.
If you are on Goodreads I encourage you to join, if not, it's a great place for bookworms.

I had the chance to do an interview with her few months back and she's a lovely lady, just a sweetheart. Which you can read here on my book blog


  1. Very interesting! Wonder if it will work?

  2. I hope it does. She has over 40 members just since yesterday afternoon so it might