Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sold Out

"What do you mean it's sold out?  It can't be sold out? "

That's what I was saying this morning to my mom when I was chatting on the phone with her.   The Goddess my sister, as I mentioned the other week on here,  is going to the movie with friends of hers.  They were going tomorrow night, opening night, but when they went to order their tickets online, it's sold out.  
In fact, both opening night here and Friday are both sold out.   Here I was thinking I would go Friday night, but I guess I'm not getting there till the weekend after all.


  1. I have never watched this show which makes me probably the only woman in America who hasn't!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. OMG I can't wait!!! If you have a Goddess sister (ditto) read the new book - The Opposite of Me - So good!
    (if you are interested the review is on my site under Book Clubbing)

  3. Oh, sorry to hear that. I cant wait to watch S2 either. But i'll prolly watch it neext week, to keep away from the crowded cinemas. you know, noisy audience do annoy me... Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Thanks.
    After I get to see it, I'll do a review. Try my best not to have any spoilers.