Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The poached egg scene

You know in the film when Julie says she's never eaten an egg and then the next few minutes of the film is about the poached eggs.

It's the dinner table chat in the next scene that I'm on today. 
Where she asks "What does it mean if you don't like your friends?"   and the other girl says it's normal.

That's how I am feeling.
As I posted few days ago, I've decided to re-issue my vampire themed review blog.  All vampire movies/books, and stupidly asked the opinion of my buddy Mel.  It might seem like a silly thing to anyone reading but the whole thing got me thinking.

In a real "time to evaluate my life"   thinking.
I had to ask myself, what am I getting from my current friendships other then headaches?  I came up with zero, nothing, zip-a-dee-doo-da. 

When do you know it's time to move on? 

This past Sunday was mother's day, and I ended up having to go to my sister's for a bit because they were doing lunch for mom there.   If you've been reading this blog at all, you know my Sister the Goddess has moved in with her boyfriend the Married Man (yes he's FINALLY after 2 years asked his wife for a divorce) so this was more to show off the new digs then anything else.   Great coffee though, I have to hand that to them. He has it imported from Vancouver and grinds it himself. Fancy.  Oh yeah, he's loaded.  I see why my sister is with him. Yeah that visit was painful for a few reasons, one being the "and then we got this it's $700 and this painting was $200"  the other reason I messed up my back last week and can barely stand up right.  Fun times.

Her and I started to talk about books which is the one thing no matter what we're both passionate about.  This little light hearted giggle fest lead me to ask what night we were going to Sex and the City 2.   At that point my sister the Goddess, diverted her eyes and said she was going opening night with a friend from work.

Why the hell didn't she tell me this before?  She could have texted me and said that her friends wanted her to go, but she let me think for the last month we were going together . 

Well, I am thinking this might be a good day to try to make poached eggs.  I've never tried yet.

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