Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Grunge Guitar Player

I hate grunge music.   That whole Seattle music scene from the early 90's can kiss my lily white arse.
I wish I had taken a photo of the kid, I really do.   I had my book club last night, and we were nicely sitting in the back of the book store at a table in front of the diving line for the store and the coffee shop.  The discussion was going really well we had all these points and quotes and actually laughing. Wonderful.
That was until the 17 year old Cobain wannabe sat down five feet from us with a guitar.  Yeah, he did. 

No he was not busking, he was not alone either.   There were no signs, no post-its no nothing declaring that open mic night for the building's coffee shop but it seems it was, and there were all these teenaged girls swooning over him. 

The kid, and I mean kid,  I'm surprised could even see his guitar for the hair in his eyes.  Not long, just bangs.   It instantly put a cold shoulder on the book club and everyone's attitude got snotty as we couldn't hear each other and ended up having to move out of there.  

Did I mention I am not a fan of grunge or long hair.

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  1. Sorry you meeting had to be moved. I'm trying in my old age (30, LOL), to be more tolerant of things I don't particularly identify with since I plan to have children in the future and probably will not identify with anything they like. It's tough though. My husband LOVES all types of rap music, I can only stomach some of it. I imagine he'll pass that torch to his kids. I'll have to invest in good ear plugs, LOL.