Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where did the week go?

My sister the Goddess has gone out and bought herself a ring.  It's gold with stones lining it.  She's wearing it on her left hand ring finger.   Someone asked her about it the other day when we were leaving mom's apartment, one of mom's neighbours, and my sister simply said "If I had to wait for him to buy it I would be waiting forever. Not that he wouldn't just he can't"  
It looks too much like a wedding ring.   Her boyfriend is still legally married and the divorce is looking like it will be dragging on for a very long time to come, as his ex (can I call her ex if the divorce is not final?) is putting up a massive fight. 
The more I get to know this guy, the less like a bad guy he seems; and my sister is really happy for the first time in her life.
But you know what I really hate about the whole thing, and it's a selfish thing; my sister is 8 years younger then me and she's got the solid relationship, the fabulous apartment, the great career and the wicked group of friends.    YOUNGER then me.  And here I am still struggling. Still single, still living in the same shabby run down apartment that was my first apartment.  

I got a texted last night from Darius, whom I haven't really heard from since the week of the wrestling.  The texted simply said  "U still alive?"   I messaged back saying I was and he texted back asking what I've been up to.   My answer was busy with stuff and pissing off Mr. S. 
Darius never bothered to message me back.    I don't know when the shift happened, but Darius who used to be the one always saying that Mr. S likes me,  has become very snappy and even angry towards Mr. S.

Mel says Darius is jealous.  
Speaking of Mel, he and I were talking about a bunch of things and I jokingly said "maybe Mr. S is shy." Mel quickly jumped in saying that he knows Mr. S is shy, that it's obvious  when he does interviews.   I have never thought of Mr. S as shy before, but going back over old interviews from the last two years, I can see it now. 

And the pissing off Mr. S part, well, my last post I talked about a blog post Mr. S had done that was as if it was a continuation of one of mine.  I did a long blog post on my Domestic and Damned blog few days ago talking about that whole issue, then took a slice of his post from a few weeks back and did my own spin on it as part of a short story. 
Just to see what kind of reaction I will get out of him.   


  1. Have you gotten a reaction out of Ms. S as yet? Darius needs to figure out if he can be your friend even through you aren't into him and stop being so snippy.

    It can be hard when you see your younger siblings moving forward moving forward in life when you feel like you aren't where you want to be. It's cool that you can still be happy for her.

  2. Hey,
    No word yet on Mr. S. But I'll be getting to the follow up post shortly