Thursday, June 17, 2010

I hurt my ribs

I have been laughing like a lunatic for the last half hour. Mr. S. just posted for the first time in over two weeks on the official blog. And I am laughing about it why?

Just over 2 weeks ago I posted on my Domestic and Damned blog about my personal sense of fashion. Or lack of it depending on your take on things.
That would end up being right before Mr. S. ended up having some time off. Today, the blog post Mr. S. did was all about his choice in fashion.

I was on the phone with my mother when reading it and started to cackle like something out of a wicked witch story for a good ten minutes. The more mom wanted to know what was so funny and me try to read the posts to her, the more I started to laugh. Which is good as I haven't laughed this much in a while.

But, it was as if Mr. S. had just picked up in the middle of one of my sentences and ran with it for over a page.

I admit that part of it was a dig at something I said, and you know what, that's fine. I love it! It just proves he's still reading me.

Though my mother still tells me I'm crazy. She can't seem to understand why Mr. S. would "waste his time reading something you would write. Nothing you care about is of any interest to anyone else."

I envy anyone who's mom actually likes them.


  1. Wow mom . . . way to build up self-esteem, LOL. Mr. S. sounds nuts. I'm glad you find humor in his stalker/can't have an original blog thought ways. And I'm glad you got a good laugh, we need that in life sometimes.

  2. I've long since given up on my mother.

    Mr. S. drives me insane. It wouldn't be half as cool if he wasn't a celebrity.
    It would be down right creepy and annoying.