Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damn It's Cold Here

Photo by Me copyright hcvp 2010

That is a shot of my coffee mug.
Can you see the steam?

So it's been one of those days where nothing has gone the way I have planned.
One being that it's -26 C with a windchill of -35 C
Which makes it too cold for me to leave the house today. The ice rink that has been covering the city for the last few weeks had finally melted out over the past couple of days, and now we hit a deep freeze.
I swear there is a very pissed off little ice gnome somewhere just waiting and laughing at me.
I'm indoors, wearing long full pajamas, a knee length sweater and my nose is still running. How is that possible?

The Goddess was sick all week. So of course that is all I have heard about from Mom. Well, the Goddess is working in an office now, in a tight space with people hacking and snotting on her, she was bound to get sick. It is still prime time for colds and flues in this city. Didn't help any that my sister the Goddess went partying on the weekend. No I do not feel sorry for her.

And my big plan for the weekend is to get to the grocery, get the ingredients for a mock Seal Flipper Pie.
Seal Flipper Pie is a Newfoundland dish that uses seal meat. It's very much a version of Shepherds Pie. My plan is to make a Vegetarian version using the tofu soy product meat stuff.
That's if the weather warms up enough tomorrow for me to get out.
Should be interesting as I have never tried either before.

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