Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Joshua and I got into a massive fight last night.
Over, you guessed it, wrestling. I swear it will be the death of me yet it will.

He's easing himself out of the business, and I am still trying to get into it. From a writer's point of view. If you have been reading this much then you know I have O.I. (there is a link to the wiki page on the sideboard) and could never in a million years be a wrestler.

Sad pathetic little me.

Anyway, the fight was pretty typical of us. This in turn became the topic of the evening with SDG.
Who does not care for Joshua anyway. SDG thinks Joshua is a bad influence on me. Then again SDG thinks everything and everyone are bad influences on everyone and everything to begin with.

So all my friends hate each other. But since most of them are only in my life right now by internet, it doesn't matter socially speaking.

But the fight got me thinking. If I can't agree with someone on a topic that is fairly small in regards to the big picture; will I ever be able to have a good relationship with a man?
Am I relationship material if I can't get out of my own personal space?

I know I will never be mommy material, that is just not who I am. But is it time to give up on the idea of ever being married?

If my friends refuse to support me career wise, and I am so quick to fight them on it, can I ever be stable with a long term relationship?

SDG's husband, just thinks Joshua does not want to admit Mr. S. might be a possibility in my life.

I am starting to feel like I fell down a rabbit hole. Only instead of Wonderland, it's Wrestlemaina.

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