Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is it Saturday yet?

Everything was down this morning when I tried to log in to check emails. Google was not working for whatever reason.
That meant, emails and blogs were unavailable to me. And since everything I do is through google/blogger this was little on the rough side for me.

I have a schedule. Get up, take morning pills, have coffee while checking emails/blogs, meditation, more coffee while doing some housework, phone mom, work on novel including returning emails to investor and editor, make dinner, read or watch a movie, another round of coffee and emails/blog stuff, meditation before bed.

This today tossed my schedule out the window.

It was bad enough I had to cover Blog Partner's share of the work this week on the wrestling blog, and my own column is not really complete as the show was not available this week here, causing me to hunt it down on youtube. The person who uploaded it did a bad job and half the show is missing. That means, later in the week when the official website finally up loads it after all the replays have aired on tv worldwide I will finally get to see the show and do a proper column. The BP has not done anything the last two weeks, nor have they returned my emails. I think it's done for them. I'm not holding my breath on them doing any more work.
I know I'm ranting today, but I told them right off what I was wanting to do with that blog. I am looking to turn it into more then just a hobby.

Anyway, I heard back from my Investor and told them about the Editor. At lest that part is going a little smoother. That's for the novel. Working on the second draft now.

Last night's dinner was ramen noodles with asparagus tips and onion. Wishing I had gotten a photo of it.


  1. You can makes lots of delicious meals with ramen noodles...but I guess you've figured that out! We like to make yakisoba with them. One of our favorites!

    Sorry your day didn't start out so well. I hope your day got better!

    Stopped by from SITS.

  2. OMG, I had an episode or two with my connection this past week. Talk about frustrating!!
    I saw you in rollcall this morning and thought I'd pop in to say hello!
    Well, Hello then!! :D

    Wishing you much luck on the second draft!

  3. Yes, it was out all day yesterday. Could not get anything done.