Sunday, February 21, 2010

I flipped the page and....

The conversation went like this.

Joshua " I got to the scene with him in the hospital and was like a giant penis what?"

He was referring to my manuscript. I started giggling.
"It's a heavy story, thought it needed some laughs. And what is more funny then the penis? Come on admit it, you found the joke funny. It works doesn't it?"

"Yeah babe it does but it's just so shocking out of nowhere."

I am not going to tell you yet about my novel, still at the stage of having the editor look at the first draft. So, I can't tell you about it any more then that.

What I can tell you is I got the idea for this penis joke that Joshua was shocked by, from the film Dark Side of the Heart Which is this brilliant 1992 Spanish film. It's main character is a poet who is looking for the One. When he finds her, it ends up she's a hooker. This causes all sorts of issues. The film has been one of my favourites for nearly 20 years. The idea that Death is his best friend, and you are never sure if Death is for real or just part of his imagination. The scene that always stuck out in my mind is one where the Poet and a group of his artist friends are pushing a giant penis statue down the middle of main street to take to a wedding as a gift.
It's such an out of nowhere scene that makes little sense at first then seems to tie together a few other themes in the movie. If you can find a copy and happen to like subtitled films, I highly recommend seeing it. The dialogue alone is worth it, as 90% of the lead character's speeches are poems.

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