Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18th 2010

"You sure you can handle this?" Darius asked me about my new semi-job working for my aunt.

"I have to." I said as I sipped my coffee. Okay I gulped and slurped it loudly so that I didn't have to hear him make the points he was trying to make. "Besides, it's nice to feel needed." I added maybe a little too rudely.

I used to work as a secretary back when I was in high school for my dad's company as well as the flower delivery company I worked briefly for. So I can handle this. Though, it's been 20 years since high school and the flower delivery company was over 4 years ago. But I doubt I'll have any ring rust.
Besides, this is going to be running a few blog sites and twittering and that line of it. All networking, all web stuff.

"You have been complaining you don't have enough time now to run your wrestling blog and work on your novel as it is."

GGGGRRRR. Why is it that men always have to point out things like that?

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