Thursday, February 25, 2010

Riders on the Storm

"Why does he call you Lizard? " Mel asked me about an hour ago. This was a skype chat by the way. I didn't answer him at first. Just kind of smirked. I had shown Mel an old clip from a million years ago (1994) of me with Vlad. "You don't want to tell me do you?"

There wasn't much to tell really. Vlad was this guy I knew back in high school and college. He was a major Doors fan. It's one of the things we bonded over. That and vampires. That is along story in itself. Vlad I mean. Talking about him could take up half a months worth of blog posts.
Anyway, the movie The Doors had come out when we were still in high school. But by the time we had gotten to college, it was out on tape (yeah vhs remember that folks) so everyone was jazzed over the whole idea of rediscovering the "scene".
Vlad and I used to sit in the little coffee house we hung out in, each dressed in our version of Jim Morrison's look.
Yes, me a girl dressed like Jim Morrison. And I looked damn good too. That's really about it, I got the "Lizard" as a nic name for awhile.

Sigh to be young enough still to think that you can be that cool forever.

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