Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gone? Gone Where?

If you have been reading this much you know I have had this thing for Caleb.
You have also read that he's not from here originally. Well, he's gone. I found out he went back home. His work visa was up.
Damn! I had wondered why I hadn't seen him around the donut shop lately. This sucks.
Every time I like someone, there is something or someone that gets in the way. Darius shrugged it off and told me not too worry that "Mr. S. still likes you."
Well, where is that getting me right now? If there is a ban on what Mr. S. is allowed to say because of the show, then what does it matter?
And there is a pay-per-view event tonight and I'm missing it cause I'm poor. The ticket I'm going to buy tomorrow, had to borrow the money from mom. Let's hope I get at least that interview out of the wrestling event.

Hashbrown casserole and broccoli in cheese sauce for dinner.

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