Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a mock Basquiat

There is one "artists gallery" in town.

We have in the spring usually, it's timed for the university student's graduation, what the city calls the "art crawl". All the art shops, pottery places, craft stores etc have an open house and sell everything at dollar bin prices ($500 and up) of things made locally by the art students.
This is normally the week after the City's Art Gallery, has shown the graduation class works, and awarded the grant to the one winner. The rest of the students then submit their works to the art crawl.
So for one week a year the City Art Gallery becomes a real gallery, and not just a bad retrospect of the city's history. And on the opening night, the big grad showing. They sell out fast for tickets. I have not been able to go in a couple of years.

There is one gallery on the far end of town that is a real gallery that shows everyone's work. I have had my paintings shown 3 times. Not that I'm all that good, my stuff looks like a two year old's finger paints next to the stuff they normally show. But, The Goddess is friends with the owner's Nephew, so the first time around, they pulled some strings to get my painting in. After that, the owners felt like they had to add me. I realized after the third year in a row that my stuff was not selling that painting was not my strong suit.

I do have one piece that people keep asking how much for. The only one I will not sell. It's a painting I did of a demon and it took me a full year to paint. He hangs in my living room at the moment. I never went to art school, would have been fun. The last art class I took part in was grade 10. When the owner of the gallery asked me what my work was like, I could not tell her. I had no idea, it was just stuff. I think they compared my "style" as a cross between Frida Kahlo and Basquiat. How original.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just joined SITS, but so far I'm enjoying the community and feel like it's a great group.

    Well, I have to tell you, I love Frida Kahlo. In fact, I was able to visit a gallery of her work while traveling in Portugal in 2006. I love to dabble in painting and crafts, but have to have something to look off of and absolutely suck at creating something from scratch.

    The important part is that our creativity is exercised, who cares if people will buy it! lol

  2. And I decided I needed to follow you in the hopes that you'll post some examples of that "finger-painting" work you referred to. :)