Friday, March 19, 2010

I swear my mother hates me

For those of you who have been reading off and on lately, my rants, you know I headed over to my mothers the other day to bake as my oven was busted.

While I was there, we sat down to watch tv while we waited for the bread to rise.
It went like this.

"That's right there is a cooking show now on this channel." mom said flipping the channel at warp speed.

"I see they have really jumped on the foodie bandwagon, going for that MTV generation Eh?" I mindlessly said while trying to drink my coffee that was too hot. "Having a teenager host a cooking show."

"She's not a teenager! She's a MARRIED woman!" mom said huffily.

So it would seem to my mother, that being married is the magickal element that makes everyone either in the plus category or minus.
I am in the minus. My sister the Goddess, who even though she's living with her boyfriend the Married Man, and is 8 years younger then I am, is still in the plus. Oh it gets worse. I could sit here and tell you about the last 36 years of my life (yes I am only 3 short days away from being the big 3-6 so might as well start referring to myself as that age) and how mom has showered my sister with everything under the sun and literally forgotten me at times... but I'm a big girl now so...

P.S. the cooking show host is only 21. Just barely out of her teens.


  1. My mom was pestering me about fiding a man for a bit. So I pulled up a pic of Hot Fudge (aka not a white man) And told her "Here's the man of my dreams you've been wanting me to find." That shut her up right there.

    I suggest you try it. I can lend you the pic of Hot Fudge if you'd like :)

  2. Wait. You are the oldest and your Mom ignores you? That is wrong. That is only supposed to be for middle siblings. Visiting from SITS.