Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A second opinion

I received back half my novel from the editor. The rest is suppose to be coming to me after the weekend.
The first page was bleeding it was so red. After that point, there was barely anything touched. Does this mean I am a better writer then I thought or that my editor is not that good?
I am going to say I am a better writer then I even thought.

With that said, I was talking to my friend's mother. She's a retired English teacher. I sent her a copy of my unedited novel. Yes, I am cheating on my editor with an English teacher. Why? Well, I need a second opinion, as I found out that not only is spelling different from Canadian to American, but so is the way punctuation is done too.

I had no idea. Given that my novel is set in Canada, and will be marketed to a Canadian audience, I need to have all my bases covered. The good point in this is that my friend's mom is doing this for free.
My editor, I have to pay.

I was also talking to my buddy Mel tonight too about something totally different.

"You ever think that Mr. S. legally can not reply to your blog?" Mel said

I thought about this for the first time ever. "What?"

"Yeah, didn't you say that one of the guys from the other company has a disclaimer on his official site saying he's legally not allowed to interact on the net with fans? So wouldn't that hold true for the company Mr. S. works for?"

Oh my god.
This could explain a lot.

"Not saying that Darius, SDG, myself are wrong about him liking you." Mel continued "Cause I am more and more positive that he does. Just from the last thing he did to screw with your head. I think it's his way of replying to your blog."

This is what I love about Mel. He is the voice of reason at the weirdest times. Had he said this to me even 6 months ago, I would have handled the way I write my main blog different.

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