Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bad Websites Ethcis

I know most of the readers of RamenNoodles are from SITS, and as a blog community you will understand where my disgust is coming from.

So I am sitting here this morning checking emails and I see that TNARevolution  has posted today.   I have admitted that I read their stuff for the injury reports and dvd releases.  This morning, I really wish I hadn't opened the email. Those of us who run sports fan sites might have just gotten a big hurt on from the actions of these guys today.
They did something that was just wrong.  I don't even know how they got the information to begin with but it crossed a moral line that should not have been crossed. 
For those of you who are new to this blog, I'm talking about one of the wrestling blogs who is suppose to be the official fansite/spoiler sheet for TNA (Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling).  Yes I read the competition.  I do my reviews of the shows only.
Those of us who are running fans sites for sports, any sport, have to remember that they are still people and deserve to have a private life.  That is why most wrestlers use stage names, just because they signed up for the spotlight does not mean their families have.
TNARevolution seems to have panicked as of late, and are no longer playing fair. I sit here writing this wondering if I should even be naming them cause that is just giving them more press, but I'm disgusted by what they have done.
Someone on their staff posted a private email between that wrestling company and a former employee. What does that have to do with anything?  Honestly, fans who read the spoilers for TNA do not need to know the very private lives of the wrestlers.  It boggles my mind how low some of these other guys will go for readers.  Do they have hundreds of followers, yes they do.  Do I wish my wrestling blog had hundreds of followers, yes I do but not like that.  It just seems that since things chanced in the wrestling company itself in the last few months, so have the people supporting it. 

This little leaked out piece of information on that site makes me suspicious of who they are really working for and why?
I honestly hope it's just a case of the staff at that website trying to out do the rest of us and nothing more.  But seriously, if that is the case, what are you afraid of?  That you will loose readers if you just have columns that are straight up reviews/spoilers and injury reports? 
Last I checked, that was all we as sport reporters/reviewers were suppose to do. 

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