Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why do I bother making plans?

So much for my day of getting to blog.   My sister the Goddess, is moving this weekend.  Her and her boyfriend, which I mentioned few weeks ago.
Anyway, she called me asking me to come over as she had a few boxes of stuff for me to go through.
Ended up not being able to carry any of it home anyway, so at some point she's suppose to get her boyfriend (the Married Man) to drop it off. 
And her last sentence as I was going out her door to come home "you have to get used to him; he's here to stay"
I don't want to get used to him, I don't trust him.

While I was there, she was trying to help me figure out the caller id on my new phone. When she picked up my phone she asked me who the guy was.  "This your new boyfriend?"  sister asked.

"Not seeing anyone. Who you mean?"

"The guy on your phone?" she replied.  I had no idea at first who she was meaning.

"What guy? Someone call and I miss it?" 

She held up my cell phone towards me. "The photo of the guy, stupid.  Is this your new boyfriend?"

"No why?" it was a wallpaper of Mr. S.

Sister raised an eyebrow at me and made a hmm sound. Again I asked her why she asked.  She handed me back my phone and simply asked me was I sure.

Let me explain something.  My sister has this uncanny way of knowing certain things before they come to pass.  Is she psychic?  She says she's not, but I've seen her predict stuff months before it happens.  She's pointed out my boyfriends like this before in the past, weeks before I ended up involved with them.  Not just me, friends and co-workers of hers too. 


  1. Hmmm maybe its a good thing I never had a sister...

  2. Ca88andra... I really wanted a little brother but...