Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is this going to work?

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I have been saying for a while now I'd like to try writing a blog in character.
Only, I haven't fleshed out my character enough. I want the blog to be real enough but not have people upset because it is a fictional character.
How far should I go with it?

I ran the idea by Mel yesterday, let him see what I have written and his reaction was "it's too you. Anyone can tell it's you writing this."
He thinks I can't do it. That I'm not a good enough writer to create an entire world straight up on a blog. Now I have to prove him wrong.

My questions are these 1) do I put a disclaimer on that blog stating that it's a fictional character?
2) Should I link the blog to a blog network?
3) What are the internet ethics in something like this? Are there any?

For any other writers out there, what do you think? Have you tried this?
I think a disclaimer on that blog would be a good idea given I can't shake the thought of one. I do know that is how the Bridget Jones' Diary series was started. So the idea should be solid... okay, I'm going to link that blog here in this post, for anyone interested in reading what I'm getting on about.
Some honest feedback would be great.

Poptarts and Sugarcubes
I haven't even given the character a name yet. I need to do that today.

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