Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday 11:27AM

I am sitting here now at my kitchen table, the window open, nice breeze coming through, thinking, how many others use their kitchen for their work space?
I would prefer to have a little desk in a room with a proper office feel, but life isn't playing that way. 
The trash needs to go out, but my back is bothering me so much today not even sure I want to attempt to climb the stairs with the trash. 

The Blog Partner is suppose to be doing a profile today on the blog.  I agreed to cover her column yet again this week if she did the profile.  Should I hold my breath?  We usually only do profiles on a wrestler after their death.  I want to start to do them weekly or at least monthly, while the wrestlers are still alive.  Keep hoping that someone at one of the major wrestling magazines will discover the blog and give us some support or a job or something.  Am I wishing too much?

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