Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let me point you

To the bottom of the right side of the blog.
I installed a Networks Follow button from Facebook. So, hey if you want...

And, I just got a new book in the mail from another publishing company. That's 3 companies in the last 4 months. Not too bad Eh? I guess I'm better at it then I thought.

It's one of those morning where the TO-DO List is just overwhelming. Not helping that my shoulder is killing me. My good shoulder too.
When I was out with mom yesterday, the bus driver took off before I had a chance to sit down, so there's me tumbling back hard into the seat. Not the actual seat part but the metal handle on the side. After a few minutes I figured I was fine, could move my arm no problems, my bra felt like it was digging into the back abit but otherwise, I was fine. With the O.I. every thing is a potential break when you get bumped. When I got home last night, got undressed and my shoulder seemed slightly swollen but I could still move it. Today, it's as tight as a doorknob and a bruise is forming. Hopefully a few muscle relaxers will be all that's needed.

Okay, I'm off to try and get some stuff done.