Monday, April 12, 2010

Bitter like Lemons

You're cooking is always effected by your mood.
In my case tonight, it was lemons.   I read something that seemed odd in Mr. S's blog post today.  Short and pointless it was, and almost like he... like he was replying to something I had said. 
My Blog Partner refuses to believe that he would.  Mel says BP is jealous because none of her stuff is being used on the shows. Okay, I'll buy that.
I decided to make a cake to get my mind off things.  I chose a lemon cake with a lemon icing.  The cake turned out fine, but the icing didn't work. It ended up more a glaze. And everything got sticky.  Sticky and bitter.  Not too mention I found cuts on my hands I had no idea I had once the lemon juice hit them. Not fun.
It would be nice for once to have some actual real emotional/spiritual support from my friends instead of all this ... doubt. 
I plan on having my cake and eating it too. 

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