Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been a 3 Ramen day

Photo by ME copyright hcvp 2009

1 package of ramen at lunch and 2 packages for supper. Why? Because I was too lazy to cook anything else.

That and I spent the last few hours doing my main wrestling column. Only, the show was so bad this week. All it was was skits and talk. They had almost no matches. I have to say this was the worst of my columns too. I was so bored that I didn't even pretend to be professional, just said that I wasn't going to talk about them this week.

In between, I reposted some of my old blog stuff on the new blog, and was chatting with Mel because of one of the posts. I had pointed out back few months ago that Mr. S. had this habit. Within a few days of my blogging about it, he stopped it.
I went on to make the comment in that post, that when you find too many faults in your heroes, they loose their glitter. They become just men.

Lately, Mr. S. has been almost trying to prove that, that's all he is. Just a man. He talked on his blog this week about how he spends his free time collecting comics and playing video games.

Um yeah exciting right?

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