Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Banner Makers and Drop Toe Holds

This should be misadventures in the course of doing a wrestling blog. I swear one more fight with the Blog Partner and they will find them-self in a Cradle Shock.

It was suggested by the Nurse's husband that maybe the blog needs it's own Facebook. I am thinking this would actually be a good idea.

Blog Partner does not.

I ended up pouring my anger last night until very late into making a long over due header and banners for the wrestling blog.
Things that BP said they would do and never did.

So today I woke up cranky and not sure I want to deal with BP at all. I might not log into the other account at all today. If I don't go to the other account then I don't have to deal with BP's emails. A large martini right about now would be nice, but sadly I am stuck inside still cause of the ice and have no money anyway.


  1. A large martini is good at any time of the day! And it seems like BP is a good reason to have one....

    ...I am always looking for a good reason to have a martini!

  2. Yes it is. Gin dry 3 olives no ice shaken not stirred.

    I ended up going ahead and making a Fan Page for it.