Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Caleb?

Here's the situation. I have a massive crush on Caleb, who I have been talking about since the beginning of the blog and someone I haven't actually "met -met" yet.

Caleb is a coworker of a friend of an ex lover.
I know it's like being back in high school sitting at the cafeteria and sitting a table away from the cool kids every day. Or so that's how it feels to me.

My ex lover Bry, is a computer tech. He's friends with Ian who works with Caleb. I spotted Caleb at a wrestling event years ago and didn't think anything of it. Then this last fall, I saw him again and was, well instant crush. Out of nowhere. But, I haven't actually been introduced properly.
It's one of those situations where we "know of each other" but have never actually hung out.
Like I said, it's like being back in high school or something.

And no one has a straight answer for me on him. Starting to think everyone is telling me something different just to torture me.
According to SDG's husband Caleb is totally single. According to Joshua, Caleb isn't. Mel says' Caleb is not even straight, and Darius hasn't seen him with anyone so has no clue.
SDG doesn't think I could ever be with him anyway, as she feels he's totally out of my league.
The Goddess just shrugs and reminds me that Caleb isn't even from here and will be going back to wherever he's from in a few months anyway so why bother.

I hate agreeing with the Goddess. But in this case, she maybe right.

I feel the sudden urge to zip down the halls with a stack of books and hand in a history report before skipping class to watch the boys play hockey.
Is high school ever truly over or are we stuck in that awkward social structure forever?

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