Thursday, February 18, 2010

But You Really Are Huge In Europe

I was sitting here having a good day. Checking messages, when I got an invite from Sophia the Wannabe Socialite.
She's directing a play here tomorrow night at the community theater. Nothing out of the ordinary on that. As I was reading the invite, I spotted something. Deacon's name in the cast list.
This was bad.
I sent an email that went pretty much like this to her "You actually f**cking expect me to come to a play that is starring Deacon are you f**ked in the head?"

I have said before that I have a temper. I don't even want to know how long they have been friends/coworkers/etc that they are. I see nothing but red when it comes to Deacon.

Clearly after 6 years I am still not totally over the whole thing. Seriously, he had me believing he was going to marry me and then poof, he walked out and I spot him 6 months later with another woman. Literally. He made comments about a future together, and then said he needed to go to the store for cigarettes on his way to work and that was it. Never came back.

I just spent pretty much the last two hours spitting nails. Blog Partner picked today to email me, and I had to vent on someone. BP kept reminding me that even though Sophia "may or may not" be involved with Deacon, they will never make it out of this crappy city and I on the other hand, have gotten the attention of Mr. S, as well as having regular readers world wide cause of the wrestling blog.
True. Very true. I am running a wrestling blog that not only is read by wrestling fans, but by the wrestlers themselves and the companies they work for. And have been linked to Mr. S's official website as well having had my blog posts not only turned into story lines on the show more then once (big love to whoever it is that read my stuff and thought I was good enough to use) but two of the biggest "official spoiler" sites have started "blog wars" with me.
Which is good in the fact it means the guys who get paid to blog about it see me as an equal. I'm moving up in the world.

When I look at it in black and white, there is no reason to see red.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, so sorry that you are having a rough one. I would have felt the same way. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a better day, ok. " )

  2. Thanks.
    I know it seems childish to get upset over him, but he was the big love of my life.

  3. Happy SITS Saturday Shareday! I just wanted to pop over, I know I don't know the whole situation, but the last comment you made - about when seeing black and white, there's no room for red. You are moving to bigger and better things, and I'm sure your BIG Love is out there. :)

  4. Go you for sending that obscenity-laced email back! Seriously? Was the one you received not as obscene? Yes.
    That right there was the reason you were able to see that you've got bigger and better things in the works. You know what I mean? Address the bad when it comes along and move forward...that's healthy if you ask me.
    As for the wrestling blog and garnering the attention of the & a huge Congrats! That is so exciting!

  5. Jenn I now that I have had time to cool off, I can see my True Love has not come to me yet. Yes this guy was a big one, but not a healthy one. Sometimes it takes a slap to the face to understand that. Thank you for your faith.

    Christine LOL Can I have you on my team. You sound like you have the wisdom and energy to get anyone into shape. I just wish my family saw it this way.

  6. Heehee...I'll have to get a t-shirt made first.

    'Team Miss. Ardeth Blood'
    I'm LMAO b/c the people around here would be like WTF? is that like Edward or Jacob's cousin or something?

  7. Do it! Do it!

    Tell them it's Jasper's side or something.