Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th 2010

My Grandmother died in 1999 on April 19th.   
I did really good for most the day not thinking about the date.  Then I read a blog post that had me doing nothing but thinking about her. 
Thanks alot Mr. S.    (I'll get to it in a second)

I posted on my main blog  not too long ago about having to give up the silliness I was posting.  I had spent all of 2009 posting about Mr. S.   in a way that would have had anyone reading it thinking I was a 12 year old at a Backstreet Boy concert.  When I had my birthday last month, I said that was it.  I did one final blog post the night before my 36th saying it was the end of the crazed fan stuff. 
Today, Mr. S.'s blog was about his love for video games and comic books and how he never plans on growing up, that if you feel like being a kid and being goofy then do it no matter how old you actually are.  Then he made a comment about having lost a close friend in the last few days.
It's like he hit me with a chair shot to the skull.  You have heard me talk on here before about how most of the people in my social circle are thinking what I am thinking about Mr. S.   That he's using his blog to communicate with me, because of the restrictions the company has on the wrestlers talking direct to fans.  
This post today could be seen that way.  It could be that he actually does enjoy my wacked out dribble that I call a sense of humour.  Or you know, he might have just been feeling the weight of his friend. (to be fair Mr. S. did not say if the friend was just ill or if the friend had indeed died.  He just said stroke)
My buddy Mel keeps reminding me that if the company does go into ruin, which most wrestling fans and journalists are believing,  that Mr. S. will no longer have a gag order.   Darius says the same thing, don't give up hope.  Wait it out and just maybe.
All I can say is this,  right now I'm fresh out of believing.

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