Monday, April 19, 2010

Bumped into the WannaBe Socialite

Was out with mom for a few hours, and when we went past Lush Cosmetics, we heard this "Hey"
Well, it was more like a "HHEAAEEYY!!!"
I was just waiting, dreading, counting the seconds until I heard her very fake "darling" after it.

Turn around and there was Sophia, the Wannabe socialite. I've talked about her before. Anyway, her sister used to work at Lush before she had the baby, and I guess she got her the job.
She looked worse then I felt and I have been feeling like a something a zombie has vomited lately.

She hugged my mom. Mom made a polite noise as she flinched. Mom does not hug. I do not hug (unless it's a very hot man whom I'm involved with) then gave us the "tour" of the 10 foot by 13 foot shop that has been there for the last 6 years that I have spent more time hanging out in then she has working. Cause, used to be friends with her sister.

She informed me she follows me on my twitter.
That would get her nowhere, as the twitter she has is my business one. The only thing I twitter on that account is wrestling updates. So, how boring for her.
Then she hugged me as we were leaving. Let me rephrase that, she grabbed me hitching my sweater as she clung on to me.
Very uncomfortable. Did I mention I don't hug.


  1. I hate awkward situations. They're like nails on a chalboard to me!

  2. Yeah. It's moments like that when I just want to run.

  3. I don't hug either! I do this awkward pulling away sort of thing instead.

  4. I hug if it's like a funeral or something tragic. Otherwise, the only people who get hugged are boyfriends.