Sunday, April 18, 2010

Target Audience

When you blog, you should blog for you. Just like when creating anything, you should be the one happy with the end result.

So then why is it that us bloggers tend to start catering to others? We're all guilty of it. Lately, I've been really bad for it.
In the last few years, I've silenced myself so much, which you might not think it from reading this, but I have, (you still only get about 20% of me on this thing the other 80% I haven't shown anyone online) that I don't even know who I am at the moment.
My editor, my friend's mom and my buddy Joshua were all fairly shocked they said when they read my novel. None of them were expecting such a raw side of me.

My writing is my real self. Scratch that, my art. Cause I do more then just novels. I draw (though not well) I sing (so I tell myself) write poetry (I'm fabulous there) I cook (you'll never starve) and I do video productions. Thank god for youtube. It makes me keep a timelimit on what I am creating, and it lets me have some satisfaction with an end result.

The first week's worth of posts on this blog are not censored. I did not hold back on my disgust and general feelings. Some where along the way I started catering to everyone else.

So I am asking you to ask yourself, take a good long look at your blog. Read over your first week's posts and then read your most recent. Have you bent from you for a target audience?

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