Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th 2010

This will be my bloggy day of rest.

No that does not mean I will not be blogging today.  Total opposite, I plan on filling out a few posts today and possibly even setting them on timer to pop up over the next few days. 
I haven't done anything in over a week on the fictional blog that I started earlier in the month, nor have I done anything on the cooking blog in about two weeks either. 

I did however blog yesterday on my book blog I finally finished reading the Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Took me over a week to read the 400 pages - well little under 400 pages, more like 367 pages- which was longer then I had hoped, and the review was a day late.  But it was just one of those weeks where things kept getting in the way of reading.

I picked up a recipe journal when I was out at the book store last Saturday, and still have not had a chance to sit down with it and look it over.  I've been wanting one for awhile now, and when I saw it was on sale for $9.99 Canadian, (normal price $17.99) I had to scoop it up. The little blank paged diary I have been using for the last decade to write down all my recipes had fallen apart, the spine broken and was being held together by elastics.  So that will be maybe this weekends project, recopying my recipes into the new recipe journal.


  1. I would love to actually document my recipes in a journal - but Im oddly OCD about paper... >.> thats kinda weird to type. But Im always worried I'll ruin it some how. I need to build a bridge and get over that one.
    Enjoy your rest day! Stopping by from SITS

  2. One day I might even type out all my recipes instead of trying to find the scrap bits of paper they are written on...

  3. Kita.... It's okay if paper gets splattered on or coffee covered. It gives it character.

    Ca88andra... I was at my mom's few weeks ago, going through my Grandmother's old recipe box, and half her recipes read like this "flour, eggs, coca" No measurements, no titles. I would love to be able to sort out her old collection. I noticed I have started to do that too just scribble them down in a hurry, and have to get out of the habit.