Monday, May 31, 2010

Dude, listen to your witch doctor

Photo by Me copyright hcvp 2010

The other day, as I was coming out of the movie, I bumped into Sophia the Wannabe Socialite. She was on her way to work.

She shoved her arm in my face pointing to it. She was wearing a strapless outfit that really did not look good on her at all, but it was 30c here (I believe that equals close to 80 f in the US )

What she was showing me was the horrible case of Eczema that she's got suddenly. All she said was the creams her doctor gave her are not working and did I know of anything to help.

I'm not a herbalist it's not my strong suite. But I knew what the cause of it was, she works in a soap shop. We have a Lush at the mall, which is a great store, only it's the size of a closet. She's always had ultra sensitive skin, and the fact that place does not have proper air vents, it's doing a number on her skin.

Only she wouldn't listen to me tell her that. So, I said I'd check my books. Now, other then the obvious, which is Aloe Vera, the only other thing I could tell her was to use lavender or yarrow. Only thing is my books don't always say how to use the herbs, just a list of what to use. I'm guessing for a skin issue, a cold compress of the herbs.

But, my first advice to her would be to wear long sleeves when at work and to get outside of the shop as often as possible.


  1. LOL @ the title. I think the aloe vera is probably her best bet. The long sleeves will probably also be very helpful.

  2. I still think the creams her doctor gave her would work if she wasn't in that shop all the time.

  3. Hi - Thanks for dropping by Living in Love with Jesus from SITS. I'm so glad you did. I have a terrible rash on my arm that is driving me nuts and now I know just what to try.

    Thanks for the help and the humor.