Friday, May 28, 2010

Who's line is it anyway?

A year ago I posted something on my old blog about my lack of life. Within days of me writing it, Mr. S. cut a promo on the show that referenced the very topics I had ranted about.

Two days ago, I revisited the topic on my new blog with links to the old post on the old blog. Yesterday evening, Mr. S. blogged and revisited the same material from that promo he'd done last year.

Yes, I'm believing I'm back in his good graces. Or at lest, he's reading me again.

This was the first time in the last year that I have brought up those topics again. It is also the first time in the last year that Mr. S. has brought up those topics again.

Mel tonight in a chat asked me how much more proof do I need?

Mr. S. has me dumbfounded. He really does.


  1. Happy Saturday Sharefest! Stopping by from SITS... so not sure if this is good news or bad...that you are being 'followed'. Have fun tonight...I've been working at home this year and since starting last fall, have rewatched the entire 6 seasons, so I'm looking forward to seeing the movie!

  2. Thanks.
    I'm actually going now in about an hour to the movie. Going to the morning showing as the night ones are sold out with pre-tickets and "girls night" group packages here.

  3. I posted about this sort of...well, not really, especially since I have no idea who Mr. S is... (I'm so curiouS)

  4. I would definitely say you are being followed. Is that something you want? It would be nice for Mr. S to reference the source of his inspiration or at least that something inspired him to say what he said.

  5. I don't think Mr. S. can, as the wrestling companies in general have rules about certain things.

    But, yeah it would be nice.