Monday, May 17, 2010

The Invitation I did not want

Two things.

1) I got an internet invite to link up anything I had done in regards to the wrestling the other night. The invite was a group one from the guy who was promoting the show. So I did. Hey, I'm trying to network my wrestling blog so what better way right? Right. Now, I'm getting a lot of hits locally from that group to my main blog and not the wrestling one. Why? Because I did a review of the show on my new wrestling blog and I did a personal post on my Domestic and Damned blog that was more my buddies and I goofing around, but I linked them both. What I didn't know is that the link to the personal blog was put higher in the ranks because there is more posts on it. So everyone is bypassing the wrestling blog and missing the reviews.
That sucks.

2) I had gotten a text the night of the event from my buddy Darius. He was acting odd. This was near the end of the night, so far to that point he'd been... not his self. But then again, he was hanging around with a group of his bar buddies so you know men when they are in a pack.
The text I got from him went like this

"All this wrestling making me horny. Let's f**k in the bathroom"

I texted back that he was a goof. I didn't take him serious, why would I? Few minutes later, he texted me again asking for a Blow job. You have got to be kidding me!
I texted back saying "You're Not Mr. S.!"
That seemed to shut him up for the moment.

The end of the event and the lights came up and I got a chance to get a photo of one of the wrestlers. When I caught up with Darius few minutes later, I was still swooning from the small chat/photo opt of the wrestler, and having been flirting with my hair stylist who had been sitting beside me all night.
Darius leaned over and said "You look happy what's up?" when I showed him the photo I'd just taken his attitude changed and his voice got loud. "Well, maybe HE'LL have some bathroom time with you"

I hit Darius. Hit him hard too. One of his boys turned and invited me to go for drinks with them which I turned down the offer. Sadly, they ended up bumping into the wrestlers at that pub and all got to hang with them. But, that pub was clear cross the other end of town from my place. Had I gone with them I would have missed the last bus to my end of town and I did not have any cab fare.

I had no idea Darius was even slightly interested in me. We've been friends for a year, but after that exchange, I'm not so sure anymore.

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