Sunday, May 16, 2010

The fan

T. is a guy I went to grade school and high school with. 
I always see him at the wrestling events. Usually with a bunch of guys.  I always thought T. was gay.
This is what happens when you hang with gay and bi-sexual men all the time, it tosses your gay-dar out the window with straight men. 

Last night I spotted him at the event with who I found out is his wife.  T. always makes it a point to cross my path at events, literally.  Everytime I go to a live wrestling here in town, T. makes it a point to walk in front of me even when he doesn't need to, to stand around talking with his buddies a few feet from me (always just out of ear shot) when the sports center is massive and he could stand anywhere, and hold up the shinny collector's belts he buys every single time that he gets autographed as if it's the real thing.

Last night, I caught him looking in my direction then proceeded to promptly grab his wife for a make out session.  You could tell by the look on his wife's face she was wondering what got into him.
I was wondering that too.   Who was he doing that for? What was he trying to prove? 


  1. LOL! Great post, boys and their games... too funny! Cool blog you've got here Superchick! Looking forward to reading more! =)
    PS Found you on SITS and happy I did!

  2. Sometimes the truth is stranger then fiction