Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is he doing?

I posted stuff on my Facebook. My profile, my stuff. I got a notice from there in my emails last night saying that Darius had tagged people in my photos.

What? He could do that?

When I went in and looked at the photo and the tag in question. When I hit the tag it took me to someone else's photo album. He took a copy of my photo used it on his own profile and gave a copy to his buddy.

I got mad and deleted the tag. Then sent an email to him asking what was up? I don't know the guy he tagged.

I had been chatting with Mel and Joshua last night when this all went down. Both feel that Darius is getting creepy.
Joshua's reaction was "That's something a boyfriend does."
Joshua did not know about the wrestling text messages so I filled him in on it. Joshua was not happy. (for those who haven't been filled in on me and Joshua, we have an on again off again internet thing)

And why is it just when things sort out with one of my male friends, crap starts up with another?


  1. I used to date a Darius and he was nutso so he has totally spoiled that name for me. Sorry that he's acting so strangely. And those texts from wrestling night, too bad you didn't knock him out.

  2. I know, I hit him hard enough though my arm was sore for the rest of the night.

    I am half way wishing I had gone to the pub with them simply because they did bump into the wrestlers and hung out with them.