Monday, May 24, 2010

I think my cup is empty again

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I can't get back into the heads of my characters.  Been stuck with my novel for the last few days.
Ever since changing the ending, the story has shifted and the focus is now on one of the smaller characters. 
I need to bring it back to my hero, and I can't seem to. 
It's like I spent way too much time away from him and lost his voice.  I don't feel that I should be ripping him out and starting him over, but at the moment, I don't what to do.


  1. Sorry it's not playing out they way you planned, maybe he's not supposed to be the hero and the book is supposed to be about someone else. I just watched a movie this weekend where the person we thought was the hero turned out the be the bad guy (what a plot twist). From the interview you did with Ms. Grissom I learned that you authors start the book, but apparently your characters finish it. Good luck.

  2. Alot of authors feel that way.
    I have in the past, like my hands are writing not because of me but because of some divine source.

    But this one, it's characters are rooted in real life so I am not sure if that applies this time.

    I feel like I am just babbling today. He's (my character) has me brain drained.

  3. What a dilema! I have confidence you will come back to your hero. Or is it more of your hero will come back to you? I am sure a bit of both:) An author and the character is a bit of a relationship, yes? I love books and so I am rooting for you! I am glad you were in front of me at SITS today:)

  4. Thanks.
    I've been working on this story -living with these characters- for over a year.
    When someone says their book is like their child it's true, you can get so wrapped up in the fictional lives you are creating.

  5. Good luck finding your hero again! I'm so impressed you are writing a novel. I would be way too wrapped up and crazy to do it. Awesome!

  6. It sounds like the shift was in the right direction. Hoping the right paths come to mind. Stopping from SITS!