Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sofa Logic/Kitchen Logic

I always have a stack of books on the go.

At the moment, reading Jane Slayre for book club,
trying to finish off Cleaving Meat Marriage Obsession, and have started Eat Pray Love.
Three very different books, for three very different reasons.
I've been reading Cleaving off and on for over a month, and since it's a hardcover book, been keeping it in the kitchen where I can sit at the table and read it open faced. You can tell it's been living in the kitchen as it's sleeve is covered in splatters of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and I think even the broth from the ramen noodles.
The other two, being softcover, I have been able to keep in the living room so that I can curl up on the sofa with them.  Not that the Jane Slayre is light.  If you have seen the original classic this monster-lit is based on, you know it's a large volume.
Eat Pray Love,  has me wanting to curl up on my Yoga mat with.  Must be subliminal.


  1. Jane Slayre??? I've never heard of it, but damned if that isn't clever! I was reading Eat Pray Love for a long long time. Loved the Eat part (obviously) got half way through the pray part. Would have liked to have read the love, but didn't make it. Let me know how it turns out...

    Thanks for coming by and making my SITS day such a wonderful experience! Your time and words mean the world to me.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  2. I just finished the Eat section of the book. I plan on doing a post later on my other blog, which I will link when I do. It had me thinking about goals and intuition.